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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Plentina? Below are common questions and answers about our platform.

What is Plentina?

Plentina is a venture backed fintech company that aims to unlock financial services for the emerging middle class.

At Plentina, we believe we can reimagine financial services when we cooperate.​

Is Plentina registered under a government institution?

Yes, Plentina Lending Inc. is registered with the SEC as a lending company in the Philippines with SEC Registration Company Registration No. CS20200001117 and SEC Certificate of Authority (to operate as a lending company) No. 3266.


What is the Plentina application?

Plentina is a lending app that allows users to borrow store credits for various merchants such as 7-Eleven CLiQQ, Lazada, Puregold, and Smart.


Who can use Plentina?

Plentina is available to Filipinos aged 18 and above.​

Which areas in the Philippines are covered by Plentina?

Our services can be accessed anywhere in the Philippines!


How does the Plentina app work?

Step 1: Download the Plentina app on your Android device through this Google Playstore link.​

Step 2: Register on an account on Plnetina by going through a short application process to protect your identity and provide you with a credit score. ​​Once we have confirmed your account, loan offers will be available on your Plentina app.

Step 3: Borrow a loan by selecting and accepting a loan offer of your choice. We currently provide credit loans for use with 7-Eleven CLiQQ, SMART mobile prepaid load, PLDT WIFI prepaid load, Agoda e-Vouchers, Puregold e-Vouchers, Southstar Drug e-Vouchers, and various Gaming Vouchers. ​

Step 4: Repay your loan through the Plentina app. Our current in-app payment options are GCash and GrabPay. You may also repay Over-The-Counter at 7-Eleven. These repayments will be initiated from the Plentina app.

Why can I not download your app on my Apple device?

As of the moment, the Plentina app is only available to Android devices.

Rest assured, our Team is working on developing the iOS version of the app. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates!

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