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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Plentina? Below are common questions and answers about our platform.

Where can I view the details of my outstanding loan?

Your loan details, along with your payment terms, will be shown in the Plentina app. You will also receive notifications when the due date is near.

How do I repay my store credit loan?

You may repay your loans online through the Plentina app using GCash or GrabPay or pay in cash at any 7-Eleven location. To repay, in the Loan tab, tap “Repay now”.  You’ll be redirected to a payment mobile web page where you can use GCash or GrabPay or cash in the 7-Eleven store to repay your loan

How do I repay my Plentina loan if I've lost my phone

If you are able to get a phone with access to the Google Playstore, you may still download the Plentina app and repay your loan by simply logging in to your account. If your phone does not have access to Google Playstore, don't hesitate to reach out to us at for us to accommodate your repayment.

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