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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Plentina? Below are common questions and answers about our platform.

Have my loan terms begun when I successfully registered?

No. Your loan begins only after you accept the offer. You will see all the details presented to you including due date and repayment amount before you accept our loan terms

What are the loan payment terms?

Our loan terms will explicitly be shown on your loan offer details in the app. Our common loan terms are up to 60 days.

What are the interest rates and fees for my loan? 

We will not charge interest during our launch phase but we charge a service fee to help cover our operations.

Is there a minimum or maximum loan amount?

We are evaluating the best loan amounts for our users. The minimum loan offer we provide is P100 with our partner stores. More loan offers will be available to you by using our services and being a good borrower. 

Can I have more than one active loan?

Yes, you can accept more than one loan offer at a time, provided that: 

  1. Your total availed loan amount does not exceed your current credit limit.

  2. You have no loans that are overdue.

Why am I ineligible for other loan offers?

The loan offers presented to you on sign-up can expand by using our services and being a good borrower through on-time payments. Please note that some loan offers will be unlocked with one of our optional pre-approved codes. If you have paid on time before and other offers still aren't available, make sure to exit the feedback prompt on your Plentina app.

Loan Term Options

What are the new terms available for Plentina loan offers? 

The Loan Term Options for Plentina Loans shall allow users to choose their preferred repayment period for the loans they borrow. Installment payment options are also available for SELECT loan offers. Kindly check your Plentina app to see the loan offers and terms available to you. 


Is the  Loan Term Options for Plentina Loans applicable to all merchants? 

Yes, the new loan term feature is applicable to all merchants. 


Is this Loan Term Options for Plentina Loans for free? If not, how much will you charge us when we borrow a loan and avail of this feature?

No, users will be charged with higher service fees when they avail a longer repayment period. The service fee will increase when you choose a longer repayment period. Our service starts at 7%. 

What is the installment feature in the Loan Term Options for Plentina Loans Feature?

You may repay in installments depending on the loan term you choose. You may check the details from loan terms available to you.

Will there be charges if I choose to pay in installments? How much will the additional charges be? 

Service fees per repayment period already includes the charges for installment payments. Please note that installment payments are only applicable to SELECT loan offers. 

May I change loan terms after I already picked one?

No, you cannot change loan terms after accepting a loan offer. Once you accept a loan offer on the Plentina app, the terms are considered final. Please make sure to review the terms and conditions of your loan before accepting the offer. 


How will I qualify for a longer repayment period?

The Loan Term Options that you may avail DEPENDS on the loan offers available to you. We are currently evaluating the best loan offers and terms for our customers to ensure that you get the best Plentina experience with the offers and terms made available to you. 


Will the loan terms affect my credit score/ credit limit eligibility? 

No, the loan terms will have no effect on your credit score/credit limit eligibility. Your credit score/credit limit eligibility will only be affected if you do not pay within the loan terms you have availed. 


If I take another loan, can I pick another loan term? 

Yes, every time you select a loan, you will be asked to select the terms you would like to avail. Kindly make sure to double check and review all reminders before accepting a loan offer. 


Can I set my own loan terms? 

No, terms are limited to what’s available on their menu. 

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