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Access the biggest library of original Pinoy movies and series. 

Your one-stop entertainment hub.


How it works


Register for a Plentina account using the Plentina app

  • Register for a Plentina account.

    • Complete your registration by submitting a selfie and a photo of your government ID.

    • Wait for your registration to be approved. You’ll receive a push notification when your Plentina application has been approved.


Select your loan

  • Select the Vivamax offer and the repayment plan that you want to avail.

  • Review and accept your loan offers for the offer to receive your voucher presented through a barcode.


Use your Plentina voucher to subscribe at Vivamax

  1. Upon accepting a Vivamax offer, the voucher code will be shown in your Plentina app. Copy the voucher code.

  2. Download the app and log in to your account.  If you don’t have a Vivamax account yet, create an account first. 

  3. Enter your voucher code and click “Redeem” to start streaming. The subscription duration is based on the voucher amount. I.e Php 149.00 will last for 1 month for an individual account.


Repay your Plentina loan

  • Pay your loan according to the agreed terms to get a higher credit score.

Terms of use

  • The Vivamax voucher has no expiration date and may be used to subscribe to one of Vivamax’s plans. 

  • The Vivamax voucher is good for one-time use only.

  • The Vivamax voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • The Vivamax voucher is fully transferable.

Frequently asked questions

What is Vivamax?

Vivamax is a one-stop entertainment hub of the best Filipino content. Vivamax gives you access to all the top Filipino blockbuster movies and hit television series from every genre. All of these at your fingertips, only from Vivamax.

How much can I loan through the Vivamax voucher loan offer? 

Depending on your credit limit, you may choose among the following loan offers: Php 49, Php 149, Php 399, Php 499, Php 749, Php 1350, Php 1,399, and Php 1650.

Where can I use the Vivamax voucher?

You may use the Vivamax voucher to purchase online from

Does the Vivamax voucher have an expiration date?

The Vivamax voucher has no expiration date.

Can I convert my Vivamax voucher to cash?

No, the Vivamax voucher cannot be converted to cash.

Where can I use my Vivamax voucher?

You may use your voucher in the Vivamax mobile app and website.

How many devices can I watch simultaneously? 

Depending on the purchased amount, you can watch on Vivamax on up to 3 devices. 





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