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Shop at your convenience any time, anywhere at Shopee.

You deserve to shine with Shopee! Shop for affordable products online.


What you'll need


Valid Government-Issued ID


Android phone


Active Shopee account

How it works


Register for a Plentina account using the Plentina app

  • Register for a Plentina account,

    • Complete your registration by submitting a selfie and a photo of your government ID.

    • Wait for your registration to be approved. You’ll receive a push notification when your Plentina application has been approved.

shopee repayment terms.png

Select your loan

  • Select the Shopee loan offer and the repayment plan that you wish to avail.


Review and accept your Shopee loan offer

  • Review and accept the loan terms for the offer to receive your  voucher code. 


Use your Plentina e-voucher to shop at Shopee

  • Go to the Shopee app.

  • Add items to the cart and checkout.

  • At the checkout, paste the voucher code inside the "Shopee Voucher' field.

Please take note that the Shopee voucher is valid for one-time use only. The remaining amount will be forfeited.

shopee loans.png

Repay your Plentina loan

  • Pay your loan according to the agreed terms to get a higher credit score.

Terms of use

  1. The Shopee Voucher is valid until December 17, 2023.

  2. The Shopee Voucher is valid for one-time use only.

  3. The Shopee Voucher has a minimum purchase value equal to the voucher amount to ensure customers can utilize the whole amount.

  4. The Shopee Voucher is valid on the Shopee mobile app only.

  5. The Shopee Voucher is valid for all items on the Shopee mobile app except for Digital Goods & Vouchers.

  6. The Shopee Voucher cannot be used together with other discount and free shipping vouchers. 

  7. Shipping fees are not covered by the Shopee Voucher.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need an active Shopee account to use the Shopee Vouchers? 

Yes, you need an active Shopee account to be able to use the Shopee Voucher. Click here to view the How to Create a Shopee Account Guide.

How much can I avail with the Shopee Voucher?

Depending on your credit limit, there are multiple load amounts you can avail of: Php 500, Php 750, Php 1000, Php 1500, Php 2000, Php 2500, Php 3000, Php 4000, and Php 5000

Can I use the Shopee Voucher on the Shopee website?

No, the Shopee Voucher can only be used on the Shopee mobile app.

I cannot avail of a Shopee Voucher due to my credit limit. Is there a way for me to boost my credit limit?

Yes, you can apply for a boost in credit limit by opening your Plentina app, tapping "Not eligible for P1000?" and following the steps prompting you to submit additional documents. 

What if my purchase amount from Shopee is MORE than my Voucher amount?

Voucher will be deducted from your total bill. You may pay for the remaining amount through Shopee’s other payment methods such as ShopeePay, Linked Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card, Cash on Delivery, Payment Center/e-Wallet, Over-the-counter Payment, and Online Payment.

What if my purchase amount from Shopee is LESS than my Voucher amount?

The Shopee voucher will not be redeemable if your purchases are less than the amount of the code. Your purchases must be equal to or more than the voucher code amount in order to redeem the Shopee voucher. 

Can I convert my Shopee Voucher to cash?

No, the Shopee Voucher can only be used as online store credit to purchase goods through the Shopee mobile app.

What discount vouchers can I not use with the Shopee Voucher?

Shop vouchers, Cashback Vouchers, free shipping, and other promotional vouchers cannot be used with the Shopee Voucher.





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