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Empowering Filipinos by providing quality, affordable generic medicines.

De kalidad na gamot sa abot kayang halaga!

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What you'll need


Valid Government-Issued ID


Android Phone

How it works


Register for a Plentina account using the Plentina app

  • Register for a Plentina account.

    • Complete your registration by submitting a selfie and a photo of your government ID.

    • Wait for your registration to be approved. You’ll receive a push notification when your Plentina application has been approved.

Select your loan

  • Select the Generika offer and the repayment plan that you want to avail.

  • Review and accept the loan terms for the offer to receive your  e-Gift Code. 


Receive your Generika e-Gift Code


Use your MedPadala e-Gift  code to shop at Generika

How to use the MEDPadala e-Gift code? (Offline Redemption)

  • Upon accepting a Generika loan, a 4-digit PIN will also be sent through SMS alongside a copy of the e-Gift code. Copy the e-Gift code and PIN. 

  • Visit a Generika branch and tell the staff that you will use MEDPadala as mode of payment.

  • Provide the MEDPadala e-Gift code to staff and input SMS PIN on the store’s special keyboard.

  • Generika store staff will process the orders in the POS.

  • Once the staff enters PIN and code in the POS, your code amount will be applied to your medicine purchase.

How to use the MEDPadala e-Gift code? (Online Redemption)

  • Upon accepting a Generika loan, a 4-digit PIN will also be sent through SMS alongside a copy of the code. Copy the e-Gift code.

  • Download the Generika app on Google Play or the App Store and follow the steps to create an account. You will be asked to fill in your name, phone number, email, and security digit PIN.

  • After creating an account, choose your preferred delivery location and medicines to purchase. Then, click “checkout” and choose a preferred delivery date. 

  • Click the MEDPadala icon to pay using MEDPadala credits. Enter the e-Gift code from the Plentina app and PIN sent through SMS from Generika. Please note that this PIN is different from your registration PIN. 

  • The MEDPadala balance is displayed on the screen. Click “Next” to proceed. Fill in the desired amount of MEDPadala credits to be used and click “Proceed to checkout.”

  • Click “Pay now” to complete your order. 

  • You may receive the order in the comfort of your home or schedule for pick-up at your preferred time and designated Generika Drugstore outlet.

  • Upon accepting an Genetika loan, the e-Gift Code will be shown in your Plentina app. Copy the e-Gift Code.

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Repay your Plentina loan

  • Pay your loan according to the agreed terms to get a higher credit score.

Terms of use

  • The e-Gift Code has no expiration date and may be used to purchase any item on or on the Generika mobile app.

  • The e-Gift Code can be used multiple times for different transactions.

  • The e-Gift Code cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • If your purchase exceeds the value of the e-Gift Code, the balance must be paid by the customer through cash, GCash, GrabPay, debit, or credit card. 

  • The e-Gift Code may be used alongside other promo codes or beans.

  • The e-Gift Code is fully transferable.

  • The e-Gift Code can only be used to purchase medicines and medical supplies. 

  • The e-Gift Code cannot be used to purchase consumer products, such as infant milk, diapers, water and beverages, and lotions.

Frequently asked questions

What is Generika?

Generika Drugstore was founded with the vision of empowering Filipinos by providing them access to quality, affordable generic medicines.

What is MedPadala?

It is an ‘Electronic Gift Check’, developed by Generika Drugstore which one can send to anyone (i.e. relatives in the provinces or loved ones anywhere in the Philippines) and can be redeemed by the recipient to purchase medicines in any Generika Drugstore branches.

How much can I loan through the Generika loan offer? 

Depending on your credit limit, you may choose among the following loan offers: Php 100, Php 300, Php 500, Php 1000, Php 1500, Php 2500, and Php 3000.

Where can I use the MedPadala e-Gift code?

The MedPadala e-Gift code can be used for online purchases from MedPadala e-Gift can also be used in the Generika app. You may download the Generika app on Google Play and the App Store.

Does the MedPadala e-Gift code have an expiration date? 

The MedPadala e-Gift code has no expiration date.

What if my purchase amount from MedPadala is MORE than my voucher amount?

For store and online purchases, if your purchase amount exceeds the value of the voucher, the customer will have to pay the excess amount through cash, debit, or credit card. 

What if my purchase amount from Generika is LESS than my MedPadala e-Gift amount?

Each MEDPadala purchase will be deducted from your MEDPadala balance until the e-Gift amount is fully consumed. This means that you can use your MEDPadala e-Gift code in separate transactions or multiple purchases.

Can I convert my MedPadala e-Gift code to cash? 

No, the MedPadala e-Gift code cannot be converted to cash. 

What items can I buy with MEDPadala?

MEDPadala allows you to purchase medicines, vitamins, food supplements, and medical supplies sold in Generika stores. However, it doesn’t allow the purchase of items classified by Generika as consumer goods (such as infant milk, diapers, water and beverages, lotions, etc). MEDPadala is intended for medicine purchases only.

What happens if one of my products is not available?

For offline purchases, the product can be easily replaced. You may ask from the cashier or pharmacist for a replacement brand. Excess amount will be paid by the customer. In any case, even if you don’t use your MEDPadala balance now, you can always use it later on, as long as it is not yet fully used, because it doesn’t expire.

For online purchases, products that are not available will have “out of the stock” updates in the app and on the website. 

What is the security feature of a MEDPadala?

The security feature of the MEDPadala is the security PIN which is necessary for every transaction. Generika will be sending the PIN once you accept the loan in the Plentina app.

How do I get my MEDPadala code and PIN? 

The PIN will be sent through SMS alongside a copy of the code MEDPadala code after you accept the loan offer. 

What do I need to claim my MEDPadala loan offer?

You will need the MEDPadala e-Gift code and the security PIN in order to claim the MEDPadala e-Gift code offer.

The first digits of the MEDPadala e-Gift code show the amount purchased, followed by a dash sign and a six digit alphanumeric code. For example, 1000-X14PG6 refers to a MEDPadala of value P1000.

The Security PIN that you will receive through SMS is a four digit number (ex: 3498) that is required for all transactions until the MEDPadala e-Gift Code value is fully consumed. Remember that your beneficiary must always keep the PIN to himself, even when using the MEDPadala code at the store. If he shares the PIN, he exposes himself to the risk that someone else may use the remaining balance of the MEDPadala.

I purchased a MEDPadala code online. Can I cancel it and be refunded?

All online purchases are considered final, and Generika does not process voids or refunds.

For offline purchases, Generika allows voiding of the MEDPadala but only if the following conditions are met: 

  1. The MEDPadala order can only be voided and refunded on the same day or next day following the purchase. 

  2. Buyer must go back to the same store where he originally purchased the MEDPadala. 

  3. Buyer must present the Purchase Slip and present an ID that should match the name declared upon purchase. 

  4. The MEDPadala should be still intact (its balance is still complete).

Do I need to wait before I can redeem the MEDPadala e-Gift code?

Upon receipt of a MEDPadala code and security PIN sent to you, you can immediately redeem it in any Generika Drugstore branch nationwide.

Can I use my MEDPadala to buy medicines from other drugstores?

No. MEDPadala is valid only in all Generika Drugstores.

Can I pay using a combination of MEDPadala and cash for the balance?

Yes, you can combine MEDPadala with cash or any other mode of payment.

How much will I pay for purchases made online?

The shipping cost will be dependent on the branch location chosen and the destination. The Grab app is integrated in the check-out page.





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