Vivamax zero service fee.png

Zero Service Fee

Zero service fee on Vivamax e-vouchers payable in installment up to 30 days

Promo Period: July 27 to August 10, 2022.

How it works

- Avail Vivamax  voucher payable up to 30 days. You can select either 14 days or 30 days repayment term

​- Receive the voucher code inside the app. 

- Login to your Vivamax, and paste the voucher code to redeem and start streaming.

- You must pay Plentina according to the agreed payment term.

*Disclaimer: Failure to settle on the agreed schedule will incur a penalty fee of 10% of the loan amount due.

DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-135519 Series of 2022,