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Pick.A.Roo Grocery Free Delivery

Enjoy FREE delivery when you avail of a Pick.A.Roo Grocery pay-later voucher on Plentina!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is this promo about?
   This promo allows customers to enjoy free delivery (for up to P88) on their Pick.A.Roo Grocery order.


2. Is the free delivery applicable to other Pick.A.Roo segments like Food and Shops?
   No, this offer is only applicable if you will buy from Pick.A.Roo Grocery.


3. Is there a maximum value for the FREE delivery?
    Yes, there is a maximum value of P88 for free delivery. If your delivery charge is higher than the P88 that is included in the voucher, then the balance will be included in your total bill.


4. How long is the promo?
    This promo is until July 8, 2022.


5. Can I redeem this multiple times?
    No, you can only redeem the code once. If you want to avail of another free delivery using your Plentina pay-later voucher, you can do so by availing a new pay-later voucher and using that when you shop at Pick.A.Roo Grocery.


6. Is the free delivery available for all pay-later voucher amounts?
   Yes, it is available from P500 to P5,000 offers.