Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about Plentina? Below are common questions and answers about our platform.

Can I transfer my loan?

Once you've accepted your loan terms, the disbursement of your loan credits can only be used on your selected store partner and cannot be transferred. 

How soon will I redeem my CLiQQ loan?

Your store credit is available immediately after you accept our loan offer. This will come in the form of a voucher code that your will copy and paste into your CLiQQ app via the "Load Wallet" option on the CLiQQ app. 

What do I do if the CLiQQ app states that my code is invalid?

We apologize for the inconvenience, please make sure your CLiQQ app is updated to the latest version. You may also try clearing your cache on the CLiQQ app and logging in again before putting in the code generated from our Plentina app.

How do I claim my SMART Prepaid Load Loan?

Your SMART Prepaid Load Loan should immediately be disbursed for your use to the active prepaid SMART number you have inputted on the  'Accept Loan Offer' page of the Plentina app. Our app sends it out immediately upon accepting the loan but receiving time is subject to your mobile's connectivity. 

Why is my SMART number not being accepted?

Make sure that the format you are using is (639XX) instead of (09XX) on the Plentina app. Please also make sure that the service provider is a prepaid SMART or TNT network. 

What is the Php 5 SMART Promo Bonus?

The Php 5 bonus is available to first time borrowers of the Php 100 SMART Load Loan offer. If you are borrowing SMART Php 100 Load for the first time, you will be given an extra PHP 5 load upon repaying this loan on time!

What do I need to avail of the PLDT WiFi Load Loan Offer?

Make sure you have an active PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi Modem and the myPLDT app installed on your smartphone to view your load wallet and to avail of PLDT WiFi Prepaid promos. 

If you do not have a  PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi Modem yet, you may purchase your Home WiFi device through any of the following Sales Channels: PLDT Stores, Smart Retail Stores, Accredited Smart and PLDT Regional Distributors, Key Accounts and Resellers.

How do I claim and use my PLDT WiFi Load Loan Offer?

Simply input your PLDT Prepaid WiFi number once you’ve selected the PLDT WiFi Load Loan Offer in the app. Once you’ve accepted the loan offer, this should immediately be disbursed to your PLDT load wallet visible on your myPLDT app screen.

Make sure to avail of a FamLoad Promo with your PLDT WiFi Load wallet in your myPLDT app to use your loaned load for internet consumption.

What do I do if I have not received my PLDT WiFi Load Loan?

Please make sure you have entered the correct PLDT Prepaid WiFi number for disbursement. Please also make sure to double-check your previous wallet balance to see if there was no increase of your loaned amount. 

If you have entered an active and your correct PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi number, your loaned credits should reflect in your wallet balance on the myPLDT app.

What do I need to avail of the Agoda e-Voucher Loan Offer?

Make sure you have an active Agoda registered account in order to use the e-vouchers to book your accommodation. Once you’ve accepted the loan offer, you can then book your loan through














Make sure to avail your Agoda booking using the site on an updated desktop or mobile browser.

How do I claim and use my Agoda e-Voucher Loan Offer?

Once you’ve availed an Agoda loan offer, go to and select your accommodation for your desired travel date and destination. Make sure your selected hotel accommodation has the promo eligible tag for you to use your Agoda code.


















Upon selecting your promo eligible accommodation, proceed to reservation, and input your Agoda code on the voucher code box on the left side of your screen, above the total price. Upon entering your Agoda code, your loaned amount should be deducted from your total accommodation fee.

You can then proceed to check out, reserve your accommodation, and use it on your selected vacation date!

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Where are the promo eligible hotels?




Make sure you are booking and looking up your accommodation on the site. The main Agoda site will NOT reflect promo-eligible hotels for you to redeem your voucher code. Promo eligible hotels on the site will have a yellow “PROMO ELIGIBLE” tag on the hotel search screen.